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About Us

Transformation Academy is a partner with Emma Lee Broady Academy. The Broady Academy diploma will be issued to all Transformation Academy graduates.  The regionally accredited high school diploma will enable graduates to use their diploma for community college, career/trade school, 4 year college, and/or the military.


Over the past 3 years T. A has assisted in providing services in the form of Christian education to underprivileged families in the following rural counties Divine TX, Bandera TX, Seguin TX, Kerrville TX, and Hondo TX.

How to Apply

  1. Complete the Enrollment Form

  2. Pay $199 down or $349 in full

About Us
High School Tutor

The objective is to partner with the local community, working in conjunction with City Officials, Police Departments, and local ISD to help bridge the gap between youth or young adults between the ages of 18-24 that have fallen through the cracks of rural society. In speaking with city leaders and ISD officials in Bandera, Medina, Guadalupe, Kerr, and Gillespie Counties the concerns of rural young adults dropping out of high school, or graduating high school with no work experience or career goals continues to threaten the future of these small cities. Partnering with Transformation Academy, and Workforce Solution Alamo affords the opportunity for youth in rural populated areas to become re-engaged and encouraged to maximize their potential. Moreover, making this a reality required help and assistance from a variety of companies that have partnered with Transformation Academy to make the mission of the rural a success.

Partners such as Higher educational venues, trade schools, Armed Forces, City Chambers, and a variety of nonprofit organizations. In each of the 13 Counties, TA was also afforded the opportunity to create pipelines for recruitment of youth and parents while at the same time, working with local governmental agencies to provide work experience sites. In addition, Transformation Academy was graced to recent partner with E.L. Broady Academy and several Rural ISDs to co-host and facilitate graduation ceremonies for more than 150 students while at the same time monitoring their successful enrollment into more than 30 trade schools and community colleges.

Moving forward, despite the difficult turn of events in our nation. Transformation Academy is dedicated to seeking accreditation for this ministry that has proven to be a blessing to many broken families.



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